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Note: P.S. Don’t Stress LLC was disbanded in May 2012

P.S. Don’t Stress is a stress-free opportunity for you to send gift baskets to students at Kenyon College.  Guaranteed to provide a bit of stress relief for busy students, the baskets are prepared with lots of love!  Founded in April 2010 by Kenyon Students, Robyn Stype 12 and Alexandra Patterson 12, P.S. Don’t Stress was awarded the coveted Business Concept Competition Grant from the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.  With these winnings, the young entrepreneurs completed the initial site setup.

The Don’t Stress concept extends beyond the recipient of a fabulous gift package.   Absolutely no stress is allowed or involved for the gift-giver as well.  What could be easier than sending a great gift package to a student with a simple click of your mouse!?

Retail site opened for business in August 2011.

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