What I Read

  1. Define Gender Gap? Look up Wikipedia’s Contributor List? : Interesting cultural measure of the gender gap, though I’m not sure that Wiki is the correct measure. What woman has time to contribute to an online journal known to have bad information? They’re too busy living their lives!
  2. Woman Graduates with Master’s Degree in The Beatles : Who would’ve thought this was even possible?! I love watching things go from pop culture to classic and this is a perfect example.
  3. Alexandria Library Declared Safe : I’ve been so worried about all of Egypt’s national treasures (which I’m sure sounds really lame). They are the guardians of so much history I would hate for it to all be damaged. This article gave me hope!
  4. Buttons, Bows and Badges for Your Blog : Kind of a cop-out, but hey I have been reading a lot about creating blog badges this week. Check out my sweet one on the right sidebar!


That’s all you get this week folks, sorry it isn’t the usual five.



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