Alexandra Patterson

Librarian. Teacher. Scholar.


Alexandra holds a Master’s in Library and Information Science from UNC Chapel Hill and is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Johns Hopkins University (expected graduation 2023). She is passionate about the science of learning and ensuring equity in education.

Alexandra currently manages a staff of five as the Director of Library Services at a boarding school. She teaches in the English department, coordinates the affinity spaces, leads the LGBT+ affinity space, lives in dorm as a dorm parent and co-directs the community reading program.

In all her work, Alexandra is passionate about community. She’s revamped the summer reading program to become a community reading experience, been a part of the 9th grade team teaching program, and led the 10th grade team teaching program through its pilot year.

Originally from Kentucky, she studied at Kenyon College and the University of Exeter during undergrad, and is now based in Pennsylvania. She loves books, yoga, and wine.

Conference presentations

Beyond the Library: Turning Summer Reading into Community Reading
Presented with Michele Poacelli

TABS 2021 (slides)
Queering the Conversation: Equity, Inclusion and the LGBTQIA+ Experience in 2021
Presented with Leela Woody

NCTE 2019 (slides)
“Choose Your Own Lit-Venture”
Presented with Michele Poacelli

Get in touch

    Alexandra is always available for side collaborations and relishes the opportunity to talk to others about educational leadership, librarianship, and queerness in academia. If you want to chat about independent schools, books, wine, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


    Navigating Nuance: Positionality’s
    Effect on Literacy

    Witnessing a Conversation 50 Years in the Making
    Mercersburg Academy Magazine
    Winter 2020

    A Sense of Belonging, Safety, and Support
    Mercersburg Academy Magazine
    Winter 2022

    Book Review: Sometimes We Tell the Truth
    School Library Journal
    October 2016

    Teachers Become Students as BU Hosts Institute to Address Adolescent Well-Being
    BU Today
    July 2022

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