Event Recap – Flappers & Fitzgerald: Party with Gatsby!

 Some of you may remember the Harry Potter Holiday Feast that I shared last year. This year we did another literary-themed event —  Flappers & Fitzgerald: Party with Gatsby! It was billed as an evening of dancing and appetizers, complete with mocktail bars.
The big attraction for the night was learning to Charleston and hearing a live band. A member of the faculty taught the dance lesson.

Dance Lesson

We also found a band called The Recessionals who came and played for us. It was so much fun seeing the students dance to the live music!

Student Dancing

I set up a Photo Booth for students with prop printed on card-stock and attached to wooden skewers. I purchased the prop images from this Etsy seller.

Photobooth Props


Mocktail and Dinner menu.

 Untitled design.jpg

Food tables.

 gatsby food for blog.jpg

Table decorations


I fell in love with the butterfly balls seen in the latest Gatsby movie, so one of my co-workers and I set about making them. They were a true labor of love, but I am so thrilled with how they turned out!

Butterfly Balls




And a final pictures – my coworkers and I. Without them this event never would’ve happened!


The Contentment Challenge

As I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, part of my “save more, spend less” goal this year involves doing the contentment challenge. The challenge was created by Nancy Ray and it involves not spending any money, outside of groceries and must-haves, for three months.


The goal of the challenge is to learn to be content with what you have, instead of constantly looking for more. This means giving up “window shopping” or “online shopping” during this time period as well. I have to admit – this will be the hardest part for me!!

Ray suggests channeling all of the extra time and energy you will have into another activity. I hope to use my extra time to sew some of the fabric that has been building up in my stash! I can’t wait to work with some of the vintage patterns I’ve been accumulating over the past year.


Another part of the Contentment Challenge is reading books that inspire you. I’ve already read Ray’s top pick and highly recommend it — Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. I think I will try Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. Melton is a favorite of mine for her work with refugees and her unapologetic candor about her life. I suspect that her latest book, about her marriage breaking down and then healing, will be filled with wonderful insights.

I wanted to do the Contentment Challenge for two reasons; One I wanted to get the year off to a good start, focusing on what I have, instead of what I don’t. And two, it seemed like a good way to curb spending and put more money toward student loan debt.

Have you ever heard of the Contentment Challenge? Check out Nancy Ray’s blog series (here) and the instagram hashtag (here) for more details. 

Books to Grow Your Faith in 2017

For my final books to help with your resolutions post, I wanted to talk about books to grow your faith. (If you’re looking for books to help you get organized or books to help you focus on your health, I covered those too!)

Now I know faith isn’t something that I talk about a lot on this blog, but it is something that I’ve been grappling with over the past few years. Since one of my own resolutions is to grow my faith, I thought I would share some resources on the topic.

Books to Grow Your Faith in 2017

Books to.png

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