Forms, Forms, Forms: Drowning under a mountain of paperwork

I’ve had two meetings this week about study abroad and now I feel more overwhelmed than ever. It didn’t seem real before, but now, with the course request form and housing preference sheet (for SENIOR year!) the whole abroad thing is more daunting than ever. I’m not sure how to explain the sheer amount of STUFF they need us to do.

Tuesday- Meeting with all students going abroad for the fall semester or for the whole year.

In the packet: Housing preference form, course request form, emergency contact sheet, authorization form,information booklet on filling out forms, information booklet about going abroad, mail forwarding request form.

Okay, so not that bad, right? Except that the course request form requires advisor and department head signatures (another two appointments), the authorization form has to notarized (where to find a notary??) and the information booklet on filling out forms advises all of us to apply for any job, any internship, any volunteer position and any postgraduate scholarship BEFORE WE LEAVE.

Thursday- Meeting with all students going on the Exeter program.

In the packet: Exeter application, medical form, emergency medical form

Whew. This one looks so much easier! Except for the part where the application requires a recommendation and essay, the medical form requires a doctor’s signature and the emergency medical form needs to have vaccination information. All due next Friday.

Excuse me while I go try to dig myself out of this passive paper pile,


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