An early glimpse into U of E life

The list of classes for next year has not gone up on the Exeter website yet which means that the forms that were due Friday now have an extended due date. While I am enormously grateful for the extra time to make appointments and to worry over class choices……there are no classes up to talk about in the appointments or to worry over!

There was a meeting yesterday about pursuing honors in English. Involving writing a 50-150 page critical work, the senior honors project in English is much like a masters level paper. In preparation for pursuing this option I want to take classes in the field of I want to do honors in. Ever since “Victorian Ghosts” with Professor Heidt, I have been toying around with the idea of crime and murder in Victorian society—not a pleasant topic by any means but absolutely captivating to research. Obviously I would need to narrow down the topic to a specific author’s work or even a specific work itself, but for now I’m on the right track.

The packing list continues to grow and I’m very quickly realizing that I will need to edit the list several times before it will even be close to what I can take in 2 suitcases. I can’t imagine not having all of my clothes there, just in case there is an occasion that calls for them. (Then again I couldn’t imagine leaving clothes at home when I went off to college either and it ended up just fine!).

Ta for now.


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