Today I spent nearly an hour doing my duty for Kenyon LINKS. LINKS is a program where a current student (in this case me) calls recently admitted students (prospective students=prospies) to help them make their decision about where to go to college in the fall. I’m supposed to answer questions, tell them about things currently happening at Kenyon and basically be a sounding board. Of course all of this would work better if they would only PICK UP THE PHONE!

I emailed all of my prospies on Monday, just after I picked up their names at admissions. I, trying to be conscientious, didn’t call any of them until Wednesday to give them some time to respond. Nope. Nada.

I guess that I just remember the process as something that I would have loved a little guidance on (or, as it might be see, babying through). The college admissions cycle is so stressful: between the college visits, narrowing down choices, writing application essays and actually getting things in on time by the time you got the acceptance letters you’re already too overwhelmed to make a clear headed decision! I don’t wish for a moment that I was going through THAT process all over again!

On top of all of the LINKS stuff I’ve gone and distracted myself again with a book. Last week it was What would Google Do?, this week it’s This Book Is Overdue!. I think I sense a trend, books with punctuation at the end of the titles! Both books were absolutely excellent–even though Google was a bit dry at times. The only problem is that I have too much to do to be spending my time doing pleasure reading. (P.S. all of the books that I’m currently reading I keep on a list on my linkedin, go look!

This Book Is Overdue! is about the field of library science and, maybe it is just because I want to be a librarian, it is riveting. The author explores different facets of librarianship–from having to use a card catalogue when the new digital system is not working, to using the computer program Second Life and becoming librarians in a virtual world. The breadth of the knowledge these women–for the most part–hold the key to is striking. I just love information so much that I can’t imagine it ever being destroyed or lost. I suppose that I’ve found my calling!

Well, I ought to sign off because homework is calling my name. I have a rough draft of my final paper for History of the Reformation that is due next week, along with a final draft of my book review on College Girls. Between the two of them I doubt I’ll be leaving the library this weekend except to work the Housing Lottery.

Ta for now.


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