Santorini Dreams

Over the weekend I finally got around to watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 again. Though it does not follow the plot of the books it does incorporate elements of the girls’ stories that I loved. Ever since watching it though I have become obsessed with a great many things: braided pigtails and army gear (a la Brigitte on a dig), curly hair (a la Lena) and writing more (reminiscent of both Carmen and Tibby). Mostly though, I’ve been obsessing over how to get to Santorini.

The movie shows the most beautiful parts of the island, letting the girls bask in the sunlight of the harbor and run up the hill bordered by whitewashed houses. The whole place just seems to serene and calming; sure the locals have their fish market and harbor confusion, but the place is so simple. It seems that on this island, modernity has not intruded on their simpler way of life. I love that the islands were an afterthought–the products of a volcanic eruption of so many years ago.

I found a very reasonable round trip ticket to Santorini from  London! I think that it would make an excellent long-weekend trip (or even a longer one, schoolwork permitting). The beauty of that place overwhelms me.


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  1. Count me in. . . maybe???

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