Finals take too much time

Tomorrow is the last day of classes and the final push to the end has begun. For biology lab I had a presentation due today and a paper that is due on Monday; for History of the Reformation I have a paper that is due next Wednesday. In my biology lecture class, this coming Monday is our final test for unit 4 AND our final (cumulative) exam. But the worst has to be my U.S. Women class where I have a massive paper and a final exam that are on Friday.

I’ve already turned in the Biology lab and Reformation papers, I suppose that I am ahead of the ball in that respect. I have all of my study materials filled out, flashcards made for my biology and U.S. women finals, but the paper is going to kill me! We got the topic for this paper so much later than the Reformation one and, though the papers are to be about the same length, the U.S. women one feels so much more stressful because of how condensed the timeline has become. I have to finish the research yet and then actually write the 8-15 pages sometime in the next week :/

Needless to say, I won’t be posting again for the next week or so! Have a wonderful time as the school year closes and I’ll be blogging again soon!

Ta for now,


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