The first day of summer

Yesterday I had my last exam of sophomore year in Women in U.S. History. I finished the exam, packed up the car and checked out of Kenyon all before 10am (EST). A long drive home later, I got home for dinner with time to spare….what a whirlwind day.

I finished unpacking all but the bedding within 24 hours of getting home and I think that must be a new record! Last summer it took most of the two months I had at home to finish unpacking my life (and a whole lot of nagging from my mom) and then as soon as it was done it was time to start repacking it all. I think that it was easier this year because I knew that the sooner I was unpacked, the sooner I could appreciate my time at home. The fact that I will be gone for a year has really started to sink in and while I am unbelievably excited about the experience, the length of time has really started to seem……huge. While I would gladly pack up tomorrow for my own place halfway across the world the fact that I will be stuck in a dorm room that is part of a flat (with freshman no less) seems crazy.

I have a week off before I start work for the summer and so I’m making use of this time to get ahead on my first summer class (Basic Marketing Concepts). The class runs for three weeks so the schedule is very condensed (and intense). If I’m lucky I may only have to read 20 pages a day once I get ahead. Alas, so much for a summer break–who knew that I could consider taking summer classes and working full time a break from normal college life!

Signing off to go read another chapter in the marketing textbook,


P.S. Comments are appreciated, don’t be shy! I like to know I have readers out there somewhere 🙂

One response to “The first day of summer”

  1. Leslie Wright Avatar
    Leslie Wright

    Enjoy Alexandra, the memories of these days will shine bright in the years ahead! Love Ya!

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