Just a little something to brighten your weekend!


Over the next few days there may be a few random posts on here. Since my summer class ended I’ve had more time to explore what wordpress can do. I’ll be trying out bits of code I’m learning along with new posting strategies so please bear with me!

I found this video a few weeks ago and I’ve been debating about posting it but because I now need something to try the youtube code I’ve learned here the video is!

Here are the reasons I love this video:

  1. Lady Gaga is amazing
  2. Librarians are the coolest

Here are the reasons the video is disturbing:

  • All of the library science students are a bit….fugly   less than attractive. Why are librarians always portrayed in the two extremes: as absolutely hideous and out of touch with reality or as x-rated movie stars?
  • Only a few men make an appearance in the video. I find it interesting that, even in a music video spoof, women are represented in higher numbers.

Ta for now,

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