Sorry for the lack of posts…

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting on here very regularly. Part of it is that there’s not a whole lot to report on the study abroad front and part of it is that I’m blogging over at Six Items or Less everyday! If you haven’t done so already, go check it out. Here is the page with all of my posts, but some of the other bloggers are really really hilarious so don’t just look at mine!

Visa applications haven’t been sent yet, and as I need the CAS form from Exeter (a special form that tells the government that no, I am not going to go over there and be a freeloader for a year) I can’t begin it on my own with the application I obsessively  dutifully printed offline. The letter probably won’t be sent electronically until the end of the month, which even though it’s only about two weeks away at most, feels like forever for those of us who are a bit neurotic organized.

I’ve also applied for my housing and should hear back within a week or so about which of my choices I’ve been accepted to. All of the Uni housing places available to international students have single rooms (and only single rooms) so for one year of Kenyon, I’ll have a single! As truly blessed as I was this past year with my roomie (Hey Robyn!), I’m glad not to have to jump into the rooming pool again and to be sure before heading over that at least my room will be free of annoying first years. Oh? Did I mention that the recommended dorm is for first years whose first year doesn’t count in their GPA? Oh yeah. I can see it now: bathroom smelling like drinks that didn’t agree with people on the weekends, loud music when I’m trying to study for finals, my papers mysteriously ‘moved’ from the place I left them in the common area….ugh.

Ta for now,


Here’s a little video I thought some more Gleek-y readers might enjoy, I kind of want Chris as my bff:

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