Back to the future

Before launching into the real reason for my post I wanted to bring something to everyone’s attention: the “future” date that Michael J Fox set his time travel for has passed. Somehow this makes me feel even older than when I realized that 1984 was over long before I picked up a copy of Orwell’s book.

I’ve spent most of the morning looking into internships at libraries. Because I’ll be abroad for the application process, I thought it important to begin my search early. I would love to intern at the Library of Congress for next summer- living in D.C. and doing what I love seems like the perfect way to transition back to the US! The program has a very competitive application process, so I’m looking into any way that I could make contact and get my name out there a little ( okay a lot) early. For some reason I feel much more stressed about trying for this internship than I ever did than I ever did about applying for undergrad. Maybe all of the stress will pay off!

Send me your suggestions,


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