News: Study Abroad is Helpful for Students!

I came across more than one article on my RSS feed this week about the study reported in Inside Higher Education that students who studied abroad do better in school upon their return. Most of the articles I read seemed to take the stance that merely suggesting that studying abroad was useful to education was lunacy. As someone who has always wanted to explore education systems outside of U.S. borders ( I wanted to go to boarding school in England and be just like Hermione Granger), I find it shocking that so many people think so poorly of the abroad experience.

Here’s the url of one of the better articles I read:

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One response to “News: Study Abroad is Helpful for Students!”

  1. I studied abroad a semester in Australia and it was definitely interesting to see how schooling was different. School was much more challenging in Oz, but I found that it didn’t effect how I did in school upon my return. Though it was my last year, so senioritis was kicking in like crazy 🙂 I wish I could of been Hermione Granger too! haha.

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