Off to the races!

Today my parents and I went to the racetrack. There was a horse race to benefit Horses and Hope- a breast cancer charity that supports mammogram screenings for those who work around race tracks.

Here’s a little information about the organization taken from the Horses and Hope website:

Horses and Hope is a breast cancer initiative of the Office of the First Lady and the Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP). The goal is to work with the state’s equine industry to identify new opportunities to provide breast cancer awareness, education, early detection through screening and treatment referral, as well as to raise funds to sustain programs into the future.

The project will initially focus on Kentucky’s four thoroughbred race tracks to provide education and outreach for race fans and track workers and will be expanded to include other Kentucky equestrian venues into the future.


I’ve never seen so many women dressed in pink! It was really nice to see so many people out to support the cause. Here’s a pic of Mom and I at the track:

I’m working on a post about the visa application process that I will post just as soon as I actually get my visa back (which should be in 7-10 days).

Ta for now,


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