The Journey Begins…

After a long journey I have finally arrived in Exeter and have started to settle in. Jet lag hasn’t really kicked in yet but I’m sure by the end of today I’ll be exhausted–sleeping last night in the dorm bed was less than comfortable!

I started off Friday from Bowling Green with a drive to Columbus with Dad. We made no stops along the way–surprise, surprise– but did grab a bite to eat at Steak and Shake before meeting up with Mom at the hotel. My last night in America was spent sleeping on a cot and if I knew how uncomfortable the bed here would be I wouldn’t have said a word!

Mom, Dad and I went to eat at McCormick and Schmicks for my last meal and what a meal it was! In true Mom style she has all of our menus printed with “Good Luck in England!”. How adorable! The salmon tasted wonderful and the chocolate mousse for dessert was AMAZING. They soon took me to  the Columbus airport where we met up with Samantha and her family for pictures and goodbyes.

The flight to Philadelphia was short but crowded. Being a puddle jumper– with ashtrays, talk about old–we had very little leg room and a lot of turbulence. Luckily we got to Philly safely and were able to find a table to sit and eat at before our flight to Heathrow.

The flight to Heathrow was uneventful, but I didn’t get any sleep. For what seemed like ages I tried to fall asleep but finally gave up and decided to watch a movie (by the way, 500 Days of Summer is really good). Once we got to Heathrow the real adventure began. We had to wheel the trolleys with our luggage from terminal 1 to terminal 3 which doesn’t sound too bad but it must have been at least a mile walk. My friends and I finally met up with the Exeter welcome team and were told that we could get on an earlier shuttle!

Since we got here it has been go, go, go. Today we realized that the “big hill” previous Ken-Exers talked about was not a joke. It’s huge. We had to go up and down it SIX times today….I guess I’ll have great legs by the end of all of this but right now my whole body just aches.

More later!

Send me and email if you want my address 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. I am so glad you have made it safely! I miss you! When we exchange stories about past roommates at Trinity/La MaMa, I always get to brag about the time the maintenance guy came in and was absolutely shocked by how clean our room was! I am currently trying to keep mine as clean as that!

    Keep us all posted! I love reading your blog, and all your articles. It’s like having you around to be a good influence, even when you’re not here! Love from NYC ❤

  2. YAY! I am glad you arrived safely.

    I suppose I do miss you…maybe just a little though. We are hiring a new student worker (Woot!).

    You should give me your address so we can send you a care package. Oh… and I have a story for you. I’ll Facebook it though.

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