Home Sweet (Temporary) Home

I realized that I should probably show you all where I am living.

This is the view from my doorway. The flat is set up so that all of the rooms are along two central hallways, with two toilet rooms, two shower rooms and a kitchen.

Here’s my sink area! Interesting fact: in this dorm there are no sinks (or toilet paper) in the toilet room. Everyone must provide their own TP and then go back to their room to wash hands. It’s definitely a different system!!

This is my (very blank) pushpin board. Send me a postcard to decorate it!!

There are three HUGE shelves over my desk that currently house ridiculous things that won’t fit elsewhere. I also brought along my GRE review books in hopes that I will get some work done this year–we’ll see!

And last, but not least, meet Freddy! I picked him up at the plant sale earlier this week and he’s already making my room feel much more homey!




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