The Geek in the Library.

This week has been filled with many library encounters! I have applied for my externship with a Kenyon graduate at the British Library. For those of you not familiar with the term, an externship is where a student shadows a person in their desired career field for three to five days. A bit like a mini-internship, I couldn’t believe my luck that there’s an alum working in libraries here in England! I haven’t heard back from the alumna yet so everyone keep your fingers crossed!

On Tuesday I had my interview with the Head of Special Collections here at the Uni. Though I was incredibly nervous about meeting her and making a good impression the ‘interview’ ended up being more of a discussion of how my skills matched up with what they needed than a discussion about if I was right for the library. The library here is much more open than other Special Collections and I may even get to help catalogue new collections! Overwhelmed with the material donated, they are in desperate need of volunteers–just my luck!! (If the exclamation points weren’t enough of an indication, I’m over the moon about this opportunity!)

I also stumbled across this adorable children’s library kit! I remember having a library kit when I was little and loving every moment of setting up the cataloguing system. Every summer I’d spend hours changing the system according to my whims—by author, by subject, by ranking, or even by color!

I love all of the things that the kit contains. Maybe I need one?!

A post on my Topsham trip to come later this week.


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