Feed the birds, tuppence a bag…

Okay, so on my trip to Topsham I didn’t ACTUALLY feed the birds but I did see a lot of them! There’s something about being here in England that makes Mary Poppins songs run through my mind at the oddest moments.

Boarding the train to Topsham on Friday, I was a bit worried about what the day had in store. I’m not the most outdoorsy person and Topsham is known as  a place to observe wildlife. The day was spent looking through charity shops and enjoying food with Kenyon friends–much better than looking at birds all day in my opinion!

The nine of us who decided to avoid work on Friday were met at the train station by Professor McAdams. She took us on the Goat Walk (pictured above) which goes around the coast of Topsham. The salty smell of the sea had us all longing for some time at a warm beach but instead we were greeted by gusts of wind and coarse waters. The beauty of the place is undeniable–even when a storm is brewing.

Our walk took us through the back alleys of the city and we found many families taking their daily strolls before the storms rolled in. Two little girls pretended to fly while racing down the paths, leaving their much smaller little brother stumbling to catch up. For some reason this moment struck me as very “fall-ish”. I guess I’m missing the middle school field trips to Jackson’s Orchard. A day away from school that allowed pumpkin picking? Count me in!

I did get a small taste of home on the trip. How cool is that?! Who would’ve thought that here in England I would find my own Bowling Green.

Professor McAdams showed us her house (“The Bungalow”) and then we headed of to lunch at The Cafe–creative name, no? The food was delicious, though it may have just been my delight at eating a meal other than eggs or a ham sandwich. I had a pork and apple burger with gooseberry chutney–yum yum! Completing the meal with a chocolate crumble (nuts and chocolate poured into a mold–best candy bar ever!) and a hot chocolate I couldn’t believe my luck that all of this was paid for by Kenyon! Ah the joys of being on a study abroad program 🙂

Blessed by my small feet I was able to find adorable short rain boots at a charity shop for next to nothing. The charity shops in Topsham are by far the best I’ve encountered yet in England–I can’t wait to see what they have next time I am there.

I am heading to London on Friday morning, returning Sunday night and with any luck I will have a post up next Wednesday about my travels.

Be sure to let me know if you want anything special from England!


5 responses to “Feed the birds, tuppence a bag…”

  1. It is a good thing Denny Wedge wasn’t with you because he would have loved spending the day watching the birds. Glad you found rain boots…I think you will need them over there.

  2. Kim Hart (Essential Skin Restoration) Avatar
    Kim Hart (Essential Skin Restoration)

    Saw your mom, she told me of your blog…how cool is it to read of your England trip! I know you’re missing me (wink wink), I’ll take some pretty and unique England earrings in “trade” when I see you again! Hugs!

  3. So glad to read about Topsham. It sounds precious. The goat walk looks a bit treacherous. Hope London was tons of fun. We are with you in spirit. George and I dearly love England. If only the exchange rate would improve we could visit again. YOu must enjoy it for us. TRA LA
    Gretchen and George

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