Winter Internships

Things have been so crazy here in Exeter with classes winding down and trying to plan everything for next semester that I forgot to share my new internships with you! Determined as ever to not let my time here be a waste career-wise, I have dutifully done internships with College Lifestyles (TM) and Kelly Olin Coaching and Training (See my post about them here) during the fall semester. In applying for internships for the spring semester I stumbled across quite a few winter internships.

A fairly new thing in the internship world, especially for virtual opportunities, winter internships allow students to have a taster session at a company before committing to them long-term (a.k.a. for a full semester). I applied for quite a few winter opportunities and after interviewing with more than five I decided to volunteer my time to Rock Your Genius and Wedding Scene Investigators (headed by the same person) as well as Her Campus Magazine.

At RYG, I am a research and planning intern. We are currently gathering contributors for the year-long Imua campaign:

The “Moving Parts”

There will be several main “moving parts” to Rock Your Genius in 2011, and over the course of the year, there will be over 100 workshops and events designed to help you “rock” your unique “genius” and live the life you’ve always wanted.

  • The Workshops – The Imua Series workshops will consist of programs from life-by-design experts who are not only walking their talk, but who can also help you create a life and business by design.
  • The Imua Tour – In addition to the workshops, we will have a total of eight in-person events over the course of 2011 that will make up The Imua Tour and that will help you live your own life of purpose and passion.
  • The Blog – Last, but certainly not least, follow along with The Imua Blog over the course of the coming year, as guest experts and I share insight and tips for staying in tune with your own unique genius and for pursuing a life only you can lead.

Within each of these component parts, we’ll be concentrating on three core categories: work, life, and self.  The goal is, over the course of 2011, for you to begin moving each of these areas in the direction of your dreams.

At WSI, I am an editorial intern and gather stories for publication on the website. I love seeing this side of the publishing industry and it has been the perfect continuation of my time as an editorial intern with College Lifestyles. While I loved writing at CL, the experience of editing someone else’s work and of manipulating the story so that it fits with the values and the style of the website has been great practice and I think will serve me well in the future.

Though it may be the least glamorous of the bunch, my internship with Her Campus is the one where I get to play and have a little fun. Serving as an Administrative/HR intern I create email accounts for new team members, get them the correct permissions on the website and manage team member subscriptions to newsletters. As someone who loves playing around on the computer this has been a dream internship, showing me yet another side of online publishing and allowing me to go (truly) behind the scenes.

Managing these internships while keeping up with schoolwork, my volunteer position in the archives at the Old Library, and my social media/research internship with Kelly Olin is certainly a balancing act but I love knowing that I am doing something useful with my free time and preparing myself for the rough job market I will be entering in a few years.

2 responses to “Winter Internships”

  1. Alexandra, just when I think I have all my stuff together, you make me look bad with all these “winternships”, as I am going to call them! But seriously, best of luck, and good for you for taking all that initiative. 🙂

  2. […] on time and was grammatically correct. I was able to draw on my skills from previous internships (Winter 2010, Spring 2011) but I was definitely pushed to learn new […]

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