What I Read

1. Can Publishers Ever Fact-Check Like the New Yorker? : In my creative writing class we’ve been talking a lot about creative non-fiction and how many liberties the author can take with the story before it becomes a fictionalized account. This article provides interesting insight into the publisher’s perspective!

2. Book Lovers Fear Dim Future For Notes in the Margins : One of the most interesting things about personal archives is the notes that get scribbled in the margins. With the advent of e-readers there is a concern that we will never be privy to the thoughts of great minds (writers, philosophers, etc) as they read.

3. Writing and Productivity : Apparently writing more often, instead of being a perfectionist, is better.
Who knew? (I should really take this advice to heart.

4. Thomas Jefferson’s Books Found in Wash U Library : How wonderful a discovery! This article really brought home
all the concerns that #2 raised.

5. Firefly Returns to Cable–Nathan Fillion Weighs In : I’m a self-confessed Joss Whedon junkie so when this popped
up in my googlereader I jumped for joy. Firefly is such a cult-classic that more exposure can only mean great things!


…and an extra Using Movies to Inspire Your Space: Legally Blonde (my post over at Dormify)

One response to “What I Read”

  1. Joss Wheddon is a god and I so miss firefly!

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