Week in Review: What I Read

As I mentioned in my previous post I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read for fun over my break since I’ve been studying (sort of) diligently for my comprehensive exams. When I popped my head out of the comps hole here is what I took a look at:

  1. Mugglenet March Madness: Anyone who has met me knows that sports aren’t exactly my thing. No really, I almost managed to fail high school P.E.! The March Madness brackets are Greek to me but this one from mugglenet is right up my alley. Pick a Harry Potter character, any Harry Potter character!
  2. Book Madness: So not to sound like I’m too caught up in this March Madness thing, but Out of Print has a great match up of books instead of teams. If you haven’t already heard of this amazing clothing company head over to their site and check out their cozy sweatshirts and the brackets at the same time.
  3. Ebooks Interupted: I’m always interested to hear how others interact with the e-book medium. I adore my kindle but I find myself reading “real” books much more often. This article suggests that devices that do it all are poor substitutes for books because they provide too many distractions from the written word. I’m inclined to agree. When I use my (borrowed) ipad to read it’s all too easy to take a break to check twitter.
  4. 7 Children’s Books Written in Response to Other Books: This article was a lighthearted examination of some of my favorite children’s books. Who knew that  The Lorax angered the timber industry enough to write a rebuttal book?

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