Why I YA: In preparation for my new book review series

In preparation for my new book review series I thought that I’d share a little bit about why I read YA (young adult) novels. All too often the genre is looked down upon for its trivial stories and terrible character development. Let me just point out that there are lots of YA novels that have both complex plots and intensely vivid characters. Here’s my take on YA.

Some people say reading YA lit as an adult is ridiculous–I am obviously not one of these people. My favorite books will always be Victorian novels (check out my favorites list here) but there’s something wonderful about the escape YA novels provide. I love the ways authors teach lessons to their young readers, guiding them gently toward adulthood.

So much of my childhood was spent escaping into YA worlds and I can personally attest the impact reading has at that age. I learned to wear my “geek” badge proudly when I met Hermione Granger. I gained an appreciation of writing as an art form through I Capture the Castle. I was seduced by far off places in Bloomability and the Royal Diaries. My manners improved as I read The Princess Diaries and The Secret Garden. I became an anglophile as I met Elizabeth, Catherine, Sirius, Wendy, and so many others.

As an English major at Kenyon College I was able to build on so much of what I learned in my early years of reading. It laid the foundation for everything that has continued to fascinate me in my academic career.

I refuse to apologize for my reading habit.

Look out for a few reviews coming your way very soon!

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