Integrate Social Media Into Your Job Search With Jobjuice

If you’re anything like me, logging into social media is one of the first things you do in the morning. My routine goes a little something like this: hear alarm, pick up iPhone, check Twitter and Facebook. Needless to say social media has become a staple in the lives of Gen Y. On a professional level, nearly 93 percent of organizations are actively using social media to recruit talent. Therefore, it’s in every job seekers’ best interest to learn how to effectively utilize social media in their job search to get ahead in this competitive market.

The simplicity of networking through the most popular social media outlets to accelerate your job search is facilitated by the Jobjuice Social Media Job Search application for your smartphone or smart device. The application is a key learning tool for modern job seekers, MBA students, and business professionals looking to take advantage of social media to build their personal brand, conduct research, and target key companies. Knowing what employers want can be difficult, but JobJuice provides helpful tips and advice for developing professional online profiles to appeal to your future recruiters and hiring managers.

Check out the Jobjuice Social Media Job Search App at the Apple iTunes App Store to begin differentiating your job search online.

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