Week in Review: What I Read

What I read this week:

  1. Paperback Revolution: With the e-book “doom and gloom” that has hit the publishing industry lately, it is nice to see someone putting it all in perspective! When paperbacks first came about everyone thought that they would be the end of the hardcover book but low-and-behold many years later they still exist. Ebooks have changed the way people read and have brought reading into the lives of reluctant readers.
  2. Bird’s Eye View of Famous TV Apartments: I’ve been thinking a lot about fandoms and they ways in which they appeal to people as an assignment for my YA Literature class. Though the shows mentioned in this article don’t have the fandom strength of some (like Firefly, or Veronica Mars), it’s amusing to see the ways that fans express their love. These apartment layouts are so interesting because they show things that don’t exist — when the shows are filled on the soundstage they don’t have the whole room build for light reasons. Someone using their design ability to create these layouts is pretty amazing!
  3. What Successful People Do with the First Hour of their Workday: When my alarm goes off in the morning I roll over and check my email on my phone. Before getting out of bed. This article talks about how the age of technology has created a lot of wasted time: between checking email and social media precious hours slip away. The solution appears to be scheduling time to check these outlets and completing a major task before starting in on virtual communication. I’m not sure how practical this is for students who need to know immediately when a professor sends an email but it’s a good thing to try to incorporate.

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