Beauty Post: Holiday VoxBox

Since there was such a good response to my holiday beauty posts (here and here), I thought I’d start writing a few more posts dedicated to beauty. Lucky for me I received the Holiday VoxBox* from Influenster last week, full of bits and bobs to review!

Holiday VoxBox


What’s inside this box of wonders you ask?

  1. Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush: This brush has specially designed bristles to help blow dry your hair more quickly. Though I didn’t time a typical hair session, the brush seemed to take a few minutes off of my overall styling time. My only critique is about the shape of the brush; since I usually blow dry with a round brush it was a little bit difficult to switch to a paddle. That being said, if the brush was available in a round version I’d snatch it right up!
  2. NYC New York Liquid Color Lipshine in Nude York City: I hate lip gloss. It’s sticky, smelly, doesn’t hydrate as well as lip balm, and isn’t as pigmented as lipstick. However, this lip gloss definitely did something right because I’ve found myself reaching for it every day since I got it. The smell is a little off-putting — a little like warm vanilla sugar.
  3. Kiss Nail Dress in Champagne: Having never tried stick on nails these were an exercise in patience. The color was nice but after tearing two — due to my ineptitude  not the product — I was forced to surrender or be left with unfinished nails.
  4. Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal in Summer Berry: Easy, quick, delicious. Need I say more? If I wasn’t living on a grad student budget I’d keep my pantry stocked with these.
  5. EBOOST: I’ve never been one for fancy fitness or energy drinks — Earl Grey for me please. While this drink didn’t quite convert me, it’s definitely worth a second look for anyone who likes a little fruity flavor. EBOOST had a very pleasant flavor and was a nice pick-me-up on a long afternoon.


*Holiday Voxbox was provided by Influenster and the companies mentioned above. All opinions are my own.

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