Back to Basics?

Reading for the nightYou know those nights when you do something so simple it feels decadent? Part of my New Year’s resolution was to spend one evening a week without technology – no phone, computer, iPad, or television. This may not seem all that difficult for a library science student but somewhere along the way I got the idea in my head that reading for pleasure, especially all night, was a decadence to be had only infrequently – like champagne or dark chocolate.

This Thursday was the first night I’ve really been able to indulge. Due to problems beyond my control (a late class, a bus issue, bad weather), I found myself with a whole evening open. Never one to turn down a good opportunity I found myself searching Netflix for my next favorite series. As good as Revenge sounded, I was drawn to the idea of finishing my latest read Mrs. Queen Takes the Train even more. So I did.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so relaxed or so at peace. Was it the book? Possibly, but a review on that is coming later. Was it not staring at a screen? Eh, that had something to do with it but wasn’t the whole cause. I never let myself indulge in that much reading because it seems too unproductive somehow (in a way that watching television doesn’t). Watching tv is a culturally accepted way to waste time but in general it isn’t a real pleasure. Taking the time to undertake personal re-discovery instead of simply reducing boredom? Priceless.

When was the last time you did something you love unexpectedly?

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