Back to School: 2013

There’s something about the beginning of August that makes me giddy for highlighters and new notebooks. Even though I’m long past the days of required school shopping lists, there are a few things that I always add to my collection at the end of the summer.



1. Planner: Maybe some people like their agendas to start with the new year but I am all for starting fresh in August. After a summer of rather lax calendar keeping, a shiny-new planner is just the thing to get me back on track.

2. Blue pens: I’m very particular about my pens and these are the best. Sure, black might be more traditional and clickable pens might be easier to use in a rush but I am a navy RSVP pen girl all the way.

3. Yellow highlighters: There was a time when I wanted highlighters in every color available. However, I quickly realized that it’s hard to read things with blue/green/red/grey highlighter over them! My standbys for the past few seasons have been these  but after reading this post I might be in the market for some new ones.

4. Coffee Tumbler:  Since I can’t do without my coffee, it’s the perfect time to replace the leaky/broken/battered cup that I’ve been hauling around for the past year. (Am I the only one who manages to go through these pretty quickly?)

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One response to “Back to School: 2013”

  1. My twins are just about to learn the joy of school supply shopping! They’re starting kindergarten in about three weeks. Fun times!

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