Book Review: The Butler’s Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces

The Butler's Guide

The Butler’s Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces by Stanley Ager and Fiona St. Aubyn

Rating: 3/5

The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces

Remember when I talked about books inspired by Downton Abbey? Well I’ve found another one and it’s a doozy. If you thought Martha Stewart ran a tight ship, you’ve never heard of Stanley Ager.

Mr. Ager was a butler at St. Michael’s Mount for most of his life. He did everything from ensuring food was ordered on time to ironing the napkins. In The Butler’s Guide he shares his tips and tricks for keeping house.


I didn’t know how slothful I was until reading this book! Apparently I’m supposed to brush my skirts before putting them away, condition and shine my shoes daily and iron everything using a damp cloth. Oh, and don’t forget that washing is best done in rainwater that’s been strained with cheesecloth.

All joking aside, Ager’s book provides an interesting glimpse into what a previous century considered normal housekeeping.

After reading, I steamed all of my sweaters and refolded everything in my closet. Well-played, Mr. Agers, well-played. 

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