Library of Alexandra Book Awards 2013: Memoir and Real History

I use Grammarly’s free grammar check online because I’m an honorary member of the grammar police. 

Yesterday I shared my top reads of this year but there are far more books that deserved recognition. I’ve read close to 100 books this year, naturally developing some favorites. Here’s the initial lists of the books I’ve read, placed into categories. All of the books did not fit into a category, or they did but the category didn’t have any stand-outs. For that reason chick-lit, series, mystery books and witchy reads have been left out.

Over the next few days I’ll be doing a post on each category where I’ll narrow down my favorites. Today it’s memoirs…

Memoirs are some of the most fun books to read. They’re lively, easy to understand and usually fast-paced. Here are the ones that I read this year:

Quite the list, no? It was difficult to choose a favorite but I finally settled on the first book I read in 2013: Chanel Bonfire.

Chanel Bonfire


What is the best memoir you read in 2013?

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