Books I am waiting for…

The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness

Do you ever start reading series and become  frustrated when the next book isn’t available?

That’s where I am right now with several series that I really like and it’s so hard to wait for the next book!  I absolutely adored A Discovery of Witches and it’s sequel Shadow of Night but now I have to wait until later this year for The Book of Life. Even though I want the third book yesterday soon I understand that it takes a long time to write an edit a 400 page book (especially when you’re teaching at USC!)

I also really enjoyed Samantha Shannon’s book and am eagerly awaiting the next book. The release date for The Mime Season came out last week, but somehow knowing when it is coming makes it harder to wait!

What books are you waiting for?

One response to “Books I am waiting for…”

  1. I’m waiting on this one too. I just keep telling myself it will be worth the wait, it will be worth the wait…not that that helps much. I’m torn, however, because it is a trilogy, when the next book comes out it will be over and I’m not ready to give up Dianna and Matthew, alright maybe just Matthew, just quite yet.

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