My Unexpected Hiatus

Where'd You Go


I know that I have stepped away from this blog before, when I had finals, when I was applying for jobs. Always with a good excuse. But this time my hiatus was a little different. Now that I am working in a library, I find it harder to talk about books outside of work.

Part of my job is approving books for the library to buy. Sounds like the ultimate for a bibliophile, no? Spending other people’s money on books! But it’s harder than it looks. There are criteria to keep  in mind: does it serve the curriculum? Will students actually read it? Do we have a lot of other titles like it?

All of this has made me a bit world-weary of discussing books. That’s not so say that I haven’t been reading. I have read some really great ones lately, but it’s been harder to put into words why I like them simply because I spend all day justifying why the library should or should not buy books.

That being said, I hope to have some reviews up in the coming days. 

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