Blogging Resolutions 2015

Last week I talked about my BIG resolution this year in terms of reading but I have a few others I’d like to share


  1. Keep better track of the books I am reading. The past few years I’ve been logging my reading using the Goodreads challenge feature. While this gives a relatively accurate count of the number of books I’ve read, it doesn’t capture much else. I read a lot of ARCs and self-pubbed books that don’t have a goodreads tag. Additionally, I want to know more about the books I am reading (i.e. author nationality, publisher, etc).
  2. Connect with more book bloggers. Because this blog started as a very personal way to share my year abroad with my family, I have never tried to connect with the larger book blogging community. After “meeting” a few bloggers through The Broke and Bookish secret santa in December, I am so excited to become more involved in the blogging community.
  3. Take part in challenges. Going along with keeping track of the books I read and becoming part of the book blogger community, I want to be a part of some of the great book challenges going on this year. So far I’ve signed up for The Book Addict’s Guide Book Blogger Organization Challenge, Reading Wishes Diversity Challenge and the BookRiot Read Harder Challenge.
  4. Blog more regularly. Since this has been my “passion project,” I haven’t been as regular as I should be with blogging. In the new year, I am setting up a blogging calendar with regular features.
  5. Try BookTube. I recently started watching a few booktubers and I really like the medium. I don’t think it’s right for all of my posts, but I’d love to try book hauls and TAG videos.
  6. Create a community.  I always love when people read my blog, but I would love to hear more from you guys! I’m going to try to do more to provide outlets for discussion. Part of this is going to be my new feature, “On My Bookshelf.” I will interview friends, family and other book bloggers about their bookshelves and I hope some of you will contribute as well!

Book Blogger Organization ChallengeDive Into Diversity Challenge

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