Email Organization

This is a continuation of my organization series. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


If you’re anything like me you get way more email every day than you could possibly deal with but not all of it is important. I have found a few tips and tricks that help me manage the never-ending influx of emails.

General Tips

  • This one is easier/harder depending on how you look at it. I got a lot of emails from companies I didn’t care about advertising products I was never going to buy. For me it was easy. I just unsubscribed.
  • I used a service called Unroll.Me which gathers a list of all the newsletters to which you are subscribed and letsyou unsubscribe from one place. Brilliant!
    • Unroll.Me also offers a service where you can “roll” all of your subscriptions into a single email to view at the time of your choosing. I used this a few months ago but found the email was too long to read AND I didn’t really want to see anything in it.


  • Do you ever have emails that you need to send later but it would be easier to write now? Do you ever forget about them and leave them in DRAFTS only to remember later?
  • I recently discovered Boomerang which allows you to do some pretty awesome things:
    • 1. schedule email tobe sent at a later date. LIFE. CHANGER. Now I can write and schedule an email and forget about it. It’s great.
      • Applications:
      • Write one email about an upcoming event. Schedule it to send now AND two days before the event.
      • Write an important email on Friday afternoon and schedule it to send Monday morning when people are actually in the office.
    • 2. Boomerang an email back to your inbox at a later time.
      • Applications
        • See an email on Saturday that you need information from the office to answer. Boomerang it back to your inbox on Monday at 9am.
        • Need to think about responding to an email? Boomerang it back in a few hours when you’ve had time to process.
    • 3. Boomerang an email back if there is no response. PERFECT.
      • Application: If you send an email that asks for a response by Friday at 3pm, have Boomerang bring it back to your inbox if no one has responded by that time. No more trying to keep track in multiple place.
    • 4. Get to inbox zero
      • often I leave things sitting in my inbox as a sort of reminder to get things done. This really only clutters my thinking though. With boomerang, i can put the email back in my inbox at a later date when i can deal with it!


  • Did you know that you can put dots anywhere inyour GMAIL address? For example, these are all the same email address
  • This allows you to set up filters. When you sign up for emails from shopping sites use “” and set up a filter that sends them straight to a folder, bypassing the inbox.
  • Filters also allow you to send messages FROM certain addresses to other folders/add labels.
    • Application: If all emails related to your book club come in from “” then set up a filter to put a label called “Book Club” on all emails from “” It’s that easy!


How do you manage email?


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