Back to School 2015: Clothing


One of my favorite parts of going back to school was always picking out an outfit for the first day. Now that I am a school librarian, some of the fun has worn off but I still get the urge to put together outfits to make a great first impression. Rather than stop at one outfit, I thought I’d try to mix and match my wardrobe into enough outfits for the first month of the school year (and by then it will be time to add in some fall clothes)!

Outfits 2015 1

Blue dress, Plaid shirt (similar), Oxfords (similar)/Black dress, Striped cardigan (similar), Oxfords (similar)/Navy dress (similar), Jewelry (similar), Tortoise shell shoes/ Peach and grey blouse (similar), Creme heels (similar), Black leggings

Outfits 2015 2

Navy dress (similar), Jewelry (similar), Gold shoes (similar)/ Red silk blouse (similar), Black leggings, Black sequined flats (similar)/ Navy and blue blouse, Black leggings, Black jewel-toed shoes (similar)/ Navy silk blouse (similar), Grey A-line skirt, Navy heels

Outfits 3

Red blouse (similar), Grey A-line skirt, Creme peep-toe heels/ Creme and black dress (similar), Black peep-toe heels/ Orange print dress, White short cardigan/ Black silk shirt, Paisley print pants (similar), Black sandals (similar)

Outfits 2015 3

Purple pants (similar), Black silk shirt, Black peep-toe heels/ Red silk blouse (similar), Red wedges (similar), Black leggings/ Black dress, Red wedges (similar)/ Chambray blouse (similar), Black dress, Black sandals (similar)

Outfits 5

Blue maxi dress (similar), Black tshirt, Black sandals (similar)/ Blue dress, Paisley cardigan (similar), Coral sandals (similar)/ Olive dress (similar), Brown sandals (similar), Brown leather belt (similar)/ Print pants (similar), Grey shirt (similar), Dragon cuff (similar), Black sandals

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