Book Review: Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase

black rabbit hall

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase

Rating: 5/5

Method Read: ARC*

Black Rabbit Hall

If you built a book around my wheelhouse this would be it. Black Rabbit Hall is set in Cornwall in a massive country house. It switches between the 1960s and the present day, The whole book has the feeling of an old gothic novel — the house is a character in and of itself and it holds the secrets of everyone who comes inside. I loved it for its heartbreaking descriptions of a family left without a mother.
My only criticism is that it occasionally falls into the “Cinderella” trope of an evil stepmother. The stepmother who arrives half-way through is sometimes a caricature rather than a character, but in every other way the story is a delight.
It is like We Were Liars, mixed with Rebecca, with a dash of Northanger Abbey thrown in for good measure. Perfect for fans of all of the above, or those looking for a good Gothic story.

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