My new planner: Emily Ley Simplified Planner Review


Last Friday I shared my review of the 2015-16 Simplified Planner and today I’m talking about my new Simplified Planner for 2016-17!

Emily Ley offers several versions: an academic weekly, an academic daily, and a calendar year daily. She launched the academic versions a few weeks ago and the calendar year versions will launch in the fall.

I loved my Simplified Planner so much last year that I decided to order another for this coming year! This time around I chose the academic daily in the fancy floral!

I love the additional space I have to write my daily schedule and to do lists. I felt like I always needed a separate notebook with my academic weekly, but now everything will be in the same place!


The thickness between the daily and the weekly is very different. It’ll be a much bigger commitment to cary the daily around with me everywhere!


Since I had a hard time choosing between the weekly and the daily, I thought I would give you guys a quick comparison of the two.Keep in mind that I am showing last year’s weekly and this year’s daily. The new weekly’s for this year are leather bound and slightly smaller.


The monthly page views are laid out mostly the same. You have the same amount of space to write in the boxes for each.


The real difference comes when you look at the daily/weekly view. With the weekly version, you don’t have times listed for appointments and you have very few lines for to lists. In the daily version, you have times on the far left starting at 6am and going until 9pm. You also have plenty of room for to dos, as well as a large box for dinner planning and an additional box for notes.


I hope that helps you decide which Simplified Planner is right for you! I am so excited to start my Academic Daily in August.

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