My 2017 Goals

Now that I’ve shared some tips for getting started on your 2017 goals, I wanted to share a few goals of my own.

Paint a self portrait.png

  1. Spend Less and Save More.

    I have developed some not-so-great spending habits over the past few years and I want to nip those in the bud before they get ingrained! I also want to start saving more money and paying down debt. Two quick things I’m going to do are use Ebates for all of my online purchases so that I get some money back on all of them (sign up here and you can too!) AND I’m going to take the Contentment Challenge. More on that later this week!

  2. Take time for my health.

    I am REALLY bad at making time for healthy things, whether it is going to the doctor or cooking a healthy meal. This year I’m going to make my doctor’s appointments early, and try to meal plan better. Baby steps people!

  3. Improve my sewing skills.

    I have really enjoyed sewing over the past year and half and I want to continue to nurture my new skills. I feel like I have the basics down and now it is time to concentrate on more difficult things like finishing techniques and fitting. I want to sew pants, a gingham shirtdress ( a pattern matching nightmare!) and maybe even sew a piece of clothing for someone else!

  4. Read more diversely.

    I want to read books that will expand my worldview and reflect the make up of society. I want to read books that inspire me to empathize with others by taking “a walk in their shoes.” More on this later this week!

  5. Cultivate my relationship with God.

    I alluded to this goal with my “Books to Grow Your Faith” post but I want to spend more time this year with God. I am going to try to read 12 books (1 a month) that are either devotionals or other positive Christian works. We’ll see how this goes!

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