Getting into Audiobooks

This post is not sponsored but it does contain affiliate links- I really do use and love Audible! 

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If you’re anything like me, your TBR list is longer than you could read in a lifetime. You often find yourself wondering, “Why can’t I just find more time to read?”

Well, there is one way you can add more reading time to your day – audiobooks! No longer relegated to long car trip entertainment, audiobooks are the way to get a few more chapters in to your day.

I listen to audiobooks all the time. Don’t believe me? Here’s some places/times I listen to audiobooks:

  • On my morning commute. Okay this one isn’t all that surprising, but it does mean that I start off the day in a good mood. I love being able to get 45 minutes of “reading” in before my work day starts.
  • While working out. I like having something to distract me while I bike and I like getting further along in a book — win win!
  • As I sew. I find it difficult to watch tv while I sew because so much of the action requires actually seeing the actors. With an audiobook, I can watch what I’m doing on my machine AND read at the same time. #nerdalert
  • When I am cleaning. I hate cleaning. Like the kind of hate that means it doesn’t get done NEARLY as often as it should. Listening to an audiobook while scrubbing the floor makes the process a little more enjoyable.

I like listening to my books on the Audible app, because it is the easiest interface I’ve found. I like that it allows me to listen to a book on multiple devices, syncs with ebooks if I just need to read the book faster, and I can return a book no hassle if I don’t like the narrator.

Want to try Audible for yourself?Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks     (or if you’re already convinced, sign up for a subscription) I promise you won’t regret it!


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