My new #TNT dress – Simplicity 2444


I fell in love with a new pattern – Simplicity 2444! It is a great basic bodice/full skirt pattern. It was part of the Project Runway collaboration so there are several variations so you can “design” your own dress. I always find those variations funny because most of them are things that anyone could do with a little pattern hacking but for those who don’t feel comfortable doing hacking, they are nice.


Unfortunately it is out of print but there are plenty of copies available on ebay and etsy.


My first version of this dress was in Carolina Gingham from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I bought this fabric about two years ago when I just started to sew and have been saving this fabric for a time when I was more accomplished at pattern matching.

As you can see, the pattern matching still isn’t perfect but I love it anyway!


For my second version, I used Robert Kaufman seersucker that is embroidered with tiny lobsters!


I didn’t make many changes for this version, other than taking an inch out of the back bodice, a common adjustment for me.


I also decided to do a self-lined bodice for a cleaner finish. Because of this, I didn’t have as much room in the bodice. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until I had the bodice and lining fully sewn together so I had to make room using the zipper. In the end, I kind of like the exposed red zip!


Speaking of red details, I just love the hem tape on the skirt! This is my favorite part of the dress, even though it’s something only I will ever see. These little details are what make sewing your own clothes so special; you can add things that you love on the insides!

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