Sunday Salutations #2

Sunday Salutations are my opportunity to offer you some reading/pictures/songs for the end of your week.

Luke Edward Hall, “Diana”


  • Gender and sexuality are hard y’all. I really enjoyed this profile of Lachlan Watson who plays Theo on Sabrina.Their journey to defining their identity, and the way they fought to have different identities shown on screen should be required reading.
  • I read this profile of how Gilmore Girls & Parenthood star Lauren Graham spends her time. Moral? If you want to be creative, make time to see/do/feel creative things.
  • Liberal arts has a branding problem. Or at least it does according to potential students. As a Kenyon grad, I think about the value of my education every day but I’m not sure that articulating the ethos of it would work with my students.

  • I’ve been listening to Wintergreen by The East Pointers on repeat. Who knew all it took for me to like country music was to move out of the South?! (Looked for the video to post it here and realized that it features sign language interpreter Emma Watkins and now I love it even more!
  • Emma Watkins’s daily routine is so interesting.  I’ve never thought about what it takes to be a children’s actor.
  • If I won the lottery, this cool immersive Dracula kit  would be one of the first things on my list. I first came across it on Kickstarter and now I’m obsessed.
  • Luke Edward Hall is on my favorite artists, check out his website!
  • Ever wondered what the Tinder profiles for your favorite men in literature would look like? McSweeney’s shows us.

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