Sunday Salutations #5

Sunday Salutations are my opportunity to offer you some reading/pictures/songs for the end of your week.

Lord Montague’ Canvas by Angela Rossi


  • I’ve struggled to take time off in the past but I realized last year that vacations make me a better person –now I’ve found the research to support it. Time to book a vacation, y’all! (For after COVID-19 has run its course, so maybe 2021?)

  • How great is the moose canvas above?!? I love irreverent takes on classic art.
  • Top of the list if I won the lottery? The tech case above!
  • Loved this article about designing a home for yourself instead of for others. Do you curate your house of you or for your guests?
  • I’ve been loving my Thieves roller with all the travel I have this month! Interested in Young Living Essential Oils?

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