Social Distancing Survival Pack: Part 1

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 9.39.33 PM

(Photo from the Matouk linens collection)

If you’re anything like me, this whole COVID-19 outbreak has you a little spooked. While staying at home for 3 days and doing nothing normally sounds like a good time, being faced with the prospect of being in my own home for several weeks has me nervous. Luckily, when I’m nervous I make lists!

Without further ado, here are some things to get you through the coronavirus containment/social distancing/March 2020 time at home:

Creativity –

  • Always wanted to write or create? I recommend reading through The Artist’s Way and doing the exercises within. There’s no better time to practice your craft. After all, when Shakespeare was quarantined he wrote King Lear! 
  • Writing a book seems too daunting? Try your hand at calligraphy. All you need are some pens, paper and a tutorial video.
  • We all have pictures from trips sitting on our phones — print them! Order some photo albums while you’re at it and sit down and capture the memories.Untitled design (1)

Household projects – 

  • Now is the perfect time to go through your junk drawer and reorganize it. Ditto for your craft closet!
  • Make piles of things to donate to goodwill, sell on Poshmark, and to fix or mend. Then get picture taking for Poshmark and learn to darn your socks. 
  • Work your way through Martha Stewart’s monthly cleaning checklist.  Much cleaner than I am? Start in on her seasonal cleaning one — there’s bound to be at least a few on there you haven’t done recently (i.e.wipe the kitchen ceiling)Untitled design

Self-care –

  • You know those face masks you’ve been saving for a “special occasion”? That occasion is now. It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself a little.
  • Take the baths you never have time for. You probably got some bath oils/bath bombs/good smelling candles as a gift and haven’t used them. Turn your bathroom into an oasis and chill out for an hour. No phones or news sites allowed!

Things to lessen anxiety:

  • Write every day about what you’re seeing and feeling. It’ll help you process, give you a place to put your feelings and will be a great thing to look back on in 30 years (God willing!) and to share with your kids/grandkids/the youths.
  • Burn a candle and practice mindfulness. Watching the flame of a candle has always been one of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness! Just light it, and take a few deep breaths as you watch the random pattern of the flickers.
  • ASMR videos. Here me out – I know they get a bad rap! But ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response) is a real thing. There are tons of videos on youtube, from hair brushing to some truly strange ones. Try out a few and see if you find them relaxing!

Random things:

  • Those cozy socks you never have a chance to wear because they’re too big to put into shoes — this is there moment!

More entertainment ideas coming soon!

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