Social Distancing Survival Pack: Part 3

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Movies and TV Shows to Watch

If you’re looking for some tv shows or movies to watch as we are all in our houses, check out a few of my favorites. Where applicable I’ve listed the online streaming services.


TV Shows:

  • Gilmore Girls (Netflix) – If you haven’t seen this one before, you need to check out this lovely mother/daughter show! The first 3 seasons are the best but after that it’s still…okay. My favorite episodes are “A Tisket a Tasket” (Season 2, Episode 13), “the Bracebridge Dinner” (Season 2, Episode 10), “You Jump, I Jump, Jack” (Season 5, Episode 7), and “Run Away Little Boy” (Season 2, Episode 9).
  • The West Wing (Netflix) – The political show we all need right now. President Bartlett may not be the perfect perfect, but Aaron Sorkin’s witty dialogue and the incredible cast are as close to perfect as you can get.
  • Rizzoli and Isles (Hulu) – A dynamic duo fights crime together! This show is fun and light, plus Maura Isles’s outfits are AMAZING.
  • Downton Abbey (Amazon Prime) – At a time like this, we all need more Maggie Smith in our lives. Travel back in time and marvel in the costuming, the dialogue and the incredible sets. It’s an escapist fantasy. Note: you may want to skip Season 2, Episode 6 as the episode focuses on the Spanish Flu.
  • Fixer to Fabulous (HGTV) – I couldn’t make a list without at least one fixer upper show. I love the way that remodeling shows allow you to be engaged but not emotionally involved. I hadn’t seen any of the Fixer to Fabulous seasons and they are filling the Chip&Jo Gaines- shaped hole in my heart.
  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness  (Netflix) – Oh my goodness y’all. This one has exploded this week — it feels like everyone is watching it! It’s not hard to understand why; this one has animals, cults, a murder for hire plot!  Be ahead of the cultural zeitgeist and start watching it today.




  • Little Women (rent on iTunes) – This was my favorite movie of last Oscar season. It’s a joyful and modern take on the classic story.
  • The Holiday (rent on iTunes) – The Holiday is my feel-good movie that I can’t ever see too many times. It’s got British charm, California cool and great performances from Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet.
  • Knives Out (rent on iTunes) – If you’re craving a who-dun-it that isn’t scary or gory, this is the movie for you! The dialogue is sharp, often poking fun at the mystery movie genre.
  • Charlie’s Angels 2019 (rent on iTunes) – I watched this one on a recent long-haul flight and thought it was so fun. It’s not great cinema but it is the escapist girl-power fantasy we need.

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