Social Distancing Survival Pack: Part 1

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(Photo from the Matouk linens collection)

If you’re anything like me, this whole COVID-19 outbreak has you a little spooked. While staying at home for 3 days and doing nothing normally sounds like a good time, being faced with the prospect of being in my own home for several weeks has me nervous. Luckily, when I’m nervous I make lists!

Without further ado, here are some things to get you through the coronavirus containment/social distancing/March 2020 time at home:
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Sunday Salutations #5

Sunday Salutations are my opportunity to offer you some reading/pictures/songs for the end of your week.

Lord Montague’ Canvas by Angela Rossi


  • I’ve struggled to take time off in the past but I realized last year that vacations make me a better person –now I’ve found the research to support it. Time to book a vacation, y’all! (For after COVID-19 has run its course, so maybe 2021?)

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Prepping for Morocco

When I was 20, I created a “30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30” and promptly lost it. whomp whomp I found it again this November and decided to cross a few things off before May.

At the top of the list was travel – Egypt, Morocco, Greece, the Scottish Highlands, Salem, MA… Though I couldn’t make all of those happen in 6 months, I booked a trip to Morocco! As you read this, I am in Marrakech.

If you’re anything like me, you like to do a bit of preparation before any major trips. I thought I’d share what I did to prepare, in case it is helpful for anyone else.

Booking the trip

This was the easiest part, surprisingly. I had been fascinated by the National Geographic Journeys for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one out. They have two main levels of travel – casual and premium. Casual has more relaxed travel (read – no 5 star hotels!) while premium is a more luxury experience.

Since I am headed to Morocco for the sights, not for the hotels, I booked a casual journey. This is the exact journey I’m taking. It includes all hotels, some meals and all in country travel.

That just left booking my flights and securing travel insurance. I opted to have the National Geographic tour operators book my flights, since that would ensure an airport transfer to the hotel. Could I have saved a bit of money booking it myself? Probably. However, the rates were comparable to what I found on my own and the ease made the extra few dollars an easy choice.


I prefer to go into a trip having read something about the area. It means I have something to “remember” as I am on a tour and I’ve found I get less overwhelmed by all the new sights and sounds when I have some idea of what to expect. The added benefit is that I can enjoy more of what is around me since I’m not on sensory overload!

For this trip I read two memoirs about buying and renovating houses in Morocco. It’s important to note that both of these are outsiders representations of Morocco, not someone who is from the area. I attempted to find a Moroccan’s story, but couldn’t find any that would arrive in time.


The Caliph’s House by Tahir Shah



A House in Fez by Suzanna Clarke



Packing for this trip was the most stressful part — by far! The tour company requested that we bring only a backpack and a small daypack. Having successfully traveled to Paris and London last spring in a carry-on made this slightly less nerve-wracking but I wasn’t sure the size difference between my Away carry-on and a backpack.

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Sunday Salutations #4

Sunday Salutations are my opportunity to offer you some reading/pictures/songs for the end of your week.

Pasadena Housewife. Art Print – Janet Hill Studio
    • Rosie the Riveter gets an update!
    • Janet Hill Studios is one of my favorite places to look for art inspiration. I have a print of her Pasadena Housewife (above) in my living room.

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What I Read: January/February 2020


Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

Rating: 5/5

A weird and wonderful novella about a teenager forced to go on an archaeological experience with her bus driver father, her timid mother, an aging professor and a group of impressionable college students.

Scratched that The Secret History itch in a way nothing else has been able to!




Body Love Every Day by Kelly Leveque

Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed her first book, Body Love, and was pleasantly surprised by the cookbook version of it. Great if you want to grab some healthy recipes without the judgement.



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