That time again–Spring internship season

As of this morning my winternships with Rock Your Genius and Wedding Scene Investigators have ended and I learned so much! Running an editorial calendar for WSI by scheduling articles from HARO inquiries is really difficult and I’m glad to have a little experience under my belt. The Imua Campaign for RYG is going to be amazing and I’m just sorry I don’t have more time to spend with such a great company.


With a little bit of overlap, I have begun my spring internships with Dormify and Pretty Young Professional. I get to explore both sides of the editorial process. As a Style Advisor with Dormify I will write articles for their blog twice a month (go see my first article), while as an editorial intern with PYP I will edit the work of others! I always get a rush at the beginning of a new internship; there is so much to learn and explore with each opportunity! Unfortunately, the beginning of one internship usually coincides with the application deadlines for the next season. An intern’s work is never done!

Just a reminder: I am updating my 2011 Reading list weekly with what I’ve read and why you should read it too.


Super Awesome Big News

Wait for it….I was published on USA TODAY online! Here’s a screenshot of my real-live article online, up there for all the world to see. Can you tell I’m absolutely gushing?

I found out a few weeks ago that I was selected as a blogger but wanted to make sure the post went up before I spilled the beans. My first paid writing job–first stop USA TODAY, next stop award-winning writer!

Go check it out and retweet if you like it.



Settling back in to life in Exeter

Friday I made the journey from Rome to Exeter- a much more difficult task than it sounds! The morning began with me standing in line to check in at the Easyjet counter, which contrary to its name was not easy or fast. Nearly two hours later and with the single bag I was allowed in hand, I set off for my gate.

Much to my chagrin I was in gate H12 at the other end of the airport! Hauling all of my stuff down the corridors of the airport I passed many expensive shops and cute boutiques. Though I had no room to carry more things–or money to buy them–it was nice scenery for the walk. After arriving at the gate I quickly got in line to “board” the plane. Just like the check in fiasco, this was neither easy or fast.

We got onto a bus that took us over to where the plane was sitting and then climbed up the stairs into the plane. The very irate Italian woman next to me could not understand why the bus was going so slow or why it took them so long to open the doors so we could leave the bus and get onto the plane–it made for a very interesting ride over! Once on the plane I was unfortunate lucky enough to have an adorable baby sitting behind me….who kicked my seat the entire way to England. Maybe it is a cultural difference but those parents were letting the child go wild!

Arriving in London I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: for the first time the line for “Other Passports” was shorter than the “UK/EU Passports” line. I felt bad for all of the EU residents but walked through quickly and easily to get my baggage and catch the next train to Victoria Station. In luck (with the train was leaving  ten minutes after I arrived) I boarded with my massive luggage. A cab to Paddington allowed me to view parts of London I’d never seen before; I made notes of all the pretty parks to visit next time I’m there.

Once at Paddington I revised my essays for 45 minutes until my train. British transport is problematic at best and this train ride was no different. About half-way to Exeter the rear engine broke down and we had to stop to detach it. Running on only one engine, the train got into Exeter St. David’s about an hour late but thankfully in one piece. Rather than try to climb the hill and walk the 1.5 miles to my dorm, I caught a taxi and ended my journey in comfort.

Now, two days later I am happy to be back but not so excited about my finals! I’ve spent the morning in the library with friends writing papers and soon it will be time to begin again.

Off to Costa for more paper-writing goodness,


Back to the future

Before launching into the real reason for my post I wanted to bring something to everyone’s attention: the “future” date that Michael J Fox set his time travel for has passed. Somehow this makes me feel even older than when I realized that 1984 was over long before I picked up a copy of Orwell’s book.

I’ve spent most of the morning looking into internships at libraries. Because I’ll be abroad for the application process, I thought it important to begin my search early. I would love to intern at the Library of Congress for next summer- living in D.C. and doing what I love seems like the perfect way to transition back to the US! The program has a very competitive application process, so I’m looking into any way that I could make contact and get my name out there a little ( okay a lot) early. For some reason I feel much more stressed about trying for this internship than I ever did than I ever did about applying for undergrad. Maybe all of the stress will pay off!

Send me your suggestions,


Typical Saturday at work!/ MLIM

It’s been a long work week as we prepare for the first group of campers! Yesterday we all came into the office to finish up the little things before check-in today. There was also a lot of cleaning that went on. Dr. Dick tried to convince me that a plastic cauldron would not only fit in my suitcase but was also an essential item! Of course I told him no thanks because any good Hermione knows that plastic could never withstand the heat needed to brew polyjuice it would never fit.

In keeping with the theme of the day, Regina and Cara got out the brooms.

Merlin Goodness I love my job!

P.S. Today was the final day of filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, hence the many Potter references.

P.P.S. MLIM= My life is magical. A take off of FML and other sites like it, the MLIM site is a place where Harry Potter rabid fans  afficianados go to post about parts of their day that strike them as particularly HP compliant/relate.

The website is:

Edit: the website ( is currently down but I encourage you to visit in a few days!