Birthdays and Visas

Hey All!

So sorry that it has been so long since my last post! I have been unpacking, starting my summer class and starting my summer job. I love keeping busy over the summer but it is a little weird to have so little free time. Trying to plan for this year abroad has taken a backseat to more pressing matters for the time being.

Yesterday was my twentieth birthday! Though it’s hard to grasp that I’m no longer a teenager, I am happy to be entering a new period in my life. Entering a new decade of my life just as I am headed abroad seems oddly perfect!

I’m currently enrolled in Basic Marketing Concepts for WKUs three week May term. During junior year of high school, Mrs. Smith did a unit in AP English Language on marketing and I became really interested in how much it affects consumer behavior. The class has a lot of reading because the whole semester’s worth of material is included in the 3 weeks. Luckily, the class will be over by the first week in June and I can devote more time to other things!

On the study abroad front I got my acceptance letter to the University of Exeter! Even though the acceptance is more of a formality than anything, getting the email was a nice reminder that all of this is actually happening! The letter included brief instructions for applying to get a visa—very confusing instructions! I hope that there are more detailed directions coming soon from the Center for Global Engagement because I’m not sure that I’ll get it right following the original ones.

The visa process is the last step–other than reserving housing–in finalizing all of the plans for the fall and it is really starting to seem real! I suppose that I won’t really believe I’m going until I’m there!

Ta for now–reading to do for marketing,


Innovation Greenhouse Burton D. Morgan Foundation Grant Winner!

Last Thursday evening Robyn and I competed in the Burton D. Morgan Business Concept Competition. The event was held in Peirce Pub and we had 10 minutes to present our business idea to two alumni judges, Ted Rice (the head of Innovation Greenhouse), and a representative from Burton D. Morgan. The winners received a $500 grant to do research and develop a business plan before competing in the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition next year; the prize for that one is $5000 to start your business!

Robyn had made gift bags for her friends who were preparing for comps and her friends loved them! She thought that gift bags would be a good business and I remembered that this competition was happening! We immediately got to work on brainstorming. Spending a Friday night in our room we taped paper to the closet doors and tried to come up with a slogan, logo and name for our business. We knew that we wanted to play off of the Kenyon connection but not so much that we could end up in legal hot water. Toying with Philander, Middle Path and Harry Potter as starting points got us absolutely nowhere; it wasn’t until Robyn suggested playing off of our last names to create “P.S” that I came up with “Don’t Stress.” So after lots of random words and suggestions, “P.S. Don’t Stress” was born.

We really wanted to impress the judges so we created a concept board using old magazines and random cut outs. Covered in food advertisements and headlines I’m sure that it looked more like a collage gone horribly wrong but we worked with what we had! Cutting out a shield from posterboard, we created a mockup of our logo. We didn’t want ANY room for surprises so we wrote up our speech ahead of time, typing it and sizing it to notecards.

Long story short, we went in there and really wowed them! Our presentation was succinct and impressive; we fielded all of their questions with answers we had pre-written.

Now we are in the process of  getting ad space in the Collegian and Alumni Bulletin so that we can do market research about what students want in these baskets and what parents are willing to pay. We’ve decided to buy a domain name and set up an electronic storefront so that parents can more easily purchase our product.

So excited for this development!

Ta for now,