Re-reading: The Ultimate Indulgence

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Remember how I talked about how much I loved listening to The Bone Season after I’d read the book? It got me thinking about how much I love re-reading the books I loved so much.

But revisiting a long-loved book can be tricky. You always run the risk of destroying the magical feeling you got on the first reading. There’s at least one book *coughTheSilverKisscough* that I refuse to re-read because a friend picked it up in her 20s and lost all of her love for the book.

At the same time, immersing yourself in a book you’ve read before can be like going home. I re-read Old Magic and the Harry Potter series at least once a year because they make me happy and remind me of the first time that I read them.

Do you have a book that you re-read every year?