Would you pay for an internship?

There is a scary trend in internship searching: for profit companies that charge thousands for a guaranteed internship. While these internships are with the best of companies, the programs do not ensure the brightest applicants get the job. All that is needed to grab a hold of these opportunities is money.

Internships used to be the way that motivated students showed that they were ready for their first jobs. They provided opportunities for hands-on experience in the work world, but were more “icing-on-the-cake” than mandatory. Now it seems as though any college graduate needs at least two internships under their belt to be considered for an entry-level position.

What I find most startling about these for profit internship companies is that it takes away chances from more qualified–but less financially endowed–students. Students have a hard enough time coming up with the money to rent a place over the summer!


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