My new business: P.S. Don’t Stress

P. S. Dont Stress — Gift Baskets for stressed students.


P.S. Don't Stress Logo


Over the past year, my roommate and I have been developing a business concept and putting our plan into motion. We plan to sell gift baskets to Kenyon College students and their parents, and deliver them on campus.

Last year we won the Business Concepts Competition and the grant that went with it, but this year we are entering our business plan into a competition for the Burton D. Morgan Entrepreneurship grant.

In preparation for this we have put up our website. If you have a few moments look at the link above and shoot me an email ( with any suggestions that you may have. We’re a new business so we welcome
any constructive feedback!

Would you pay for an internship?

There is a scary trend in internship searching: for profit companies that charge thousands for a guaranteed internship. While these internships are with the best of companies, the programs do not ensure the brightest applicants get the job. All that is needed to grab a hold of these opportunities is money.

Internships used to be the way that motivated students showed that they were ready for their first jobs. They provided opportunities for hands-on experience in the work world, but were more “icing-on-the-cake” than mandatory. Now it seems as though any college graduate needs at least two internships under their belt to be considered for an entry-level position.

What I find most startling about these for profit internship companies is that it takes away chances from more qualified–but less financially endowed–students. Students have a hard enough time coming up with the money to rent a place over the summer!